What will change in the new format?

The qualification format, which operated in Formula E until last season, which ended in mid-August in Berlin, raised questions because it often happened that the strongest riders were in the most disadvantaged position, as they dropped out of the fight first.
But already in 2022, interesting changes may occur, since a draft of a new format has been submitted for approval to the World Motor Sport Council.

The previous qualification format assumed that the riders were divided into four groups in accordance with the positions in the individual championship standings. The new format assumes that the riders will be divided into two groups, each with 11 cars. Participants in each group are given 12 minutes to complete the fastest laps, after which the four best-performing riders will enter the next session. These eight drivers will continue to fight in the quarterfinals, the top four will advance to the semifinals, and then the fastest two will lead the battle for pole in the final.
If such a proposal is ratified by the FIA ​​World Motorsport Council, then for the first time the qualification, organized according to the new format, we will see on January 28 at the stage in Saudi Arabia, from which the eighth season of the electric championship will begin.

Source: racefans.net

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