Automobile sports is a specific type of sport adored by thousands of bettors and ordinary racing fans. The most popular type is the “royal auto racing” known as Formula 1. Viewers strive to the screens and the tracks themselves in order to feel the atmosphere of breakneck speeds and the courage of the struggle for the leadership position.The article focuses on how to bet on this sport, their types and what factors should be taken into account in order to obtain financial benefits.

On what car races can you bet

Traditionally, this sport is associated with the legendary Formula 1, but royal racing is not the only cool competition in motorsport. There are quite a lot of fans who put their money on this sport today. Not all bookmakers have this elite sport, due to its specificity. However, if you look at it more extensively, it turns out that the great Formula-1 is located in this area. Also, there are a bunch of high-end races which are in no way inferior to Formula 1. Regularly held ones and popular are:

  • Rally Dakar;
  • World Endurance Championship;
  • 24 hours of Le Mans;
  • World Rally Championship;
  • IndyCar and other competitions.

Car racing, like any other sport, has its own characteristics that affect the predictions made. Danger, high speeds, the struggle to the last seconds for huge prize money, as well as unique technical solutions – this is what you should pay attention to in sport racing. The excessive duration of the competition does not allow this sport to become a mass phenomenon in modern realities, but still there are plenty of connoisseurs of bets on this format of confrontations.

You can place bets on:

  • roundabouts;
  • rally;
  • autocross;
  • drag racing;
  • even tractor and other atypical formats.

Types of bets in racing

  • Tournament winner. Tournaments (seasons) in motorsport consist of several competitions (sometimes up to 30). In each of them, the driver gains points, which are entered in the standings. According to the sum of the points scored in all races, the final protocol of the tournament is formed. Before major tournaments, bookmakers offer to bet on the winner – to guess which of the riders will be the best in the final table.
  • Race winner. Motorsport winner betting is the determination of the driver who will take first place in a given race, regardless of his standing in the overall classification of the season.
  • Qualification winner. Before some races in motorsport, qualification runs are held to determine the starting positions in the main round. Sometimes bookmakers offer to bet on the winner of the qualification.
  • Getting into the top 3. If there are several favorites in the race and you do not know which of them will win, then you can bet on getting the rider in the top 3, or top 5. Naturally, the odds will decrease with the expansion of the finish zone, but the chances of winning the bet will increase.
  • Fastest lap. In motorsport, bookmakers often offer betting on the rider who gets the fastest lap in the race. In addition, sometimes bookmakers offer to set a kind of total time – more or less than which the fastest rider will need to complete the lap.
    Could it reach the finish line? In motorsport, racers sometimes fail to reach the finish line due to accidents or breakdowns. Bookmakers before the start of the competition offer to bet on whether the athlete finishes.

Features of betting on racing

A small number of competitions. Due to the fact that competitions are not held as often in motorsport as in football or hockey, it is difficult to make this sport your main betting activity. It makes no sense to wait a whole week for the race, and then wait another 7 days for the next stage. But as a secondary betting option, motorsport is suitable, especially if the bettor is well versed in all the intricacies and peculiarities of this sport.

Weather conditions give unpredictable results. If you want to bet on motorsport, but suddenly the weather conditions on the track deteriorated (it started raining), then it is better to refrain from placing money on this event. The fact is that the leaders are unlikely to take risks in such conditions, they prefer to go through the track more slowly and safer, and in others
they will regain their lost points. Plus, there is a high probability of accidents and retirements, which again speaks of the undesirability of gambling in bad weather.

Pay attention to this

Each tournament has a table that displays the results of individual riders and teams (constructors), it is with the study of this statistical information that you should start your way to the analysis of motorsport.
Then we proceed to study the features of the track on which the event will take place. We analyze the results of last year’s competitions, we find those riders who have always had high results on this track. With a high degree of probability, these athletes will “shoot” even now, regardless of what place they occupy in the standings.
Motivation plays an important role for the rider. At the start of the tournament, when all the competitions are ahead, each of the athletes is motivated to the maximum. Towards the end of the competition, as the chances for high final positions decrease, the morale of the laggards decreases, so you should not bet on them.

Is it worth trying?

As in other sports, analysis and strategy are of great importance. Before you place a bet, you need to study many factors: form, table, motivation, last year’s result of the upcoming Grand Prix, weather and more. In some moments, auto racing is more difficult than classic sports gambling. However, if you manage to understand the nuances of forecasting for Formula or Dakar rallies, then the chances of getting a reward will increase significantly. As a beginner, pay attention to expert predictions. They may contain key information that can help you gain useful experiences.