What races are there? A guide to the main car races

Everyone heard of racing, but you probably never tried to dig-dive into types this sport has. Formula 1 and Dakar are car races, but even a person far from this sport can say that they are different. So what makes the difference? Does this influence betting on racing? Read to find out.

Formula 1

On paper, the conditions are simple: you need to drive a few laps faster than your opponents and successfully go through the corners. But in fact, all these studs, apexes, esques and chicanes bring a lot of adrenaline to pilots and spectators. Ring races are the ones that everyone dreams of: speed, engines with a bunch of buttons, overalls that are not taken by burning fuel, the roar of engines, squealing tires, In general, the dream of any fan.
Formula 1 is a legendary design-class circuit competition on open-wheel vehicles that originates from British competitions. This is the world championship, in which everything is the most: the fastest engines, the largest budgets, the most successful pilots and the coolest engineering teams that are fighting for their Constructors’ Cup. The stages are called the Grand Prix, to access each of them you need to comply with many conditions, and participation itself is the dream of any rider. The most popular event among those who bet.


NASCAR (National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing), which gave the name to the NASCAR Cup Series – the main auto championship in the United States, the ancestor of which is considered to be illegal bootlegger racing. A powerful engine is hidden under light bodies, stylized as civilian cars, and the pilot is reliably protected by a safety cage. At each of the 36 stages of the year, pilots are constantly turning left on the ring track and trying not to crash into the stands or rivals. The explosion of a wheel, blockages from many cars, crashes into a concrete wall at speed and fights after the finish – these are all NASCAR. And the coolest driver is Richard “King” Petty, who not only glorified these competitions, but also made them financially successful. Immensely popular among those who bet in the US.

Indy 500

The Indy 500 (also the Indianapolis 500 and The 500) claims to be the world’s oldest regular auto competitions. It is one of the most prestigious circuit competitions in the world, which has been held since 1911. One of the first in terms of betting.
The contestants pass a distance of 500 miles along the track, which received the nickname “old brick”: for a long time the pavement was made of bricks, which now remain only on the start-finish line. Before the round, the owners of the track say “Gentlemen, start the engines!” (and “lady”, if any). Millions of viewers from different countries are watching the Indy 500 on TV, and at the end of May it will be possible to see everything with their own eyes, including a unique tradition: the leader at the finish does not drink champagne, as in other tournaments, but milk. But he receives a million dollars as a reward, so he can be patient.

Dakar Rally

The Dakar is a former Paris-Dakar rally-raid now held in South America, an annual transcontinental marathon that brings together professionals and amateurs in classes ranging from cars to ATVs and trucks. Each participant has a navigator, a GPS tracker in case of an emergency and a “legend” – a map on which to move. The winner is the one who comes first and does not break on the way – both literally and figuratively. Throughout the days of the race, pilots and engines are working to the limit of their capabilities, and all breakdowns have to be fixed at night instead of well-deserved hours of sleep. This one has a lot of different types of bets available.

Is it worth betting on racing?

It definitely is worth it. If you think that betting on Formula 1 is way too cliche there are a bunch of other competitions to try. Moreover, there is a lot of money in betting on races, so you can win big prizes.


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