What do you have to know about this car?

UK team Envision Racing has developed the first-ever two-seater racing car in Formula E history, unveiling a prototype at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, where it will be on display until 12 November.
The car has a more efficient and powerful lithium-ion battery, created by Envision Racing engineers together with the British company Johnson Matthey, one of the world leaders in the field of modern environmentally friendly technologies.
Thanks to such a battery, the power plant of a two-seater racing electric car can develop power up to 250 kW (about 326 hp), allowing it to reach speeds of up to 240 km / h.
Such batteries will appear on road electric vehicles in 2024. In addition, eLNO technology enables faster battery charging.
Motorsport has a unique opportunity: technologies that are developed for the racetrack can then be applied to production cars, benefiting the entire world.

For example, we see that on the basis of such series as Formula E, as well as Extreme E, automakers are testing electric motors, which will then be used in electric vehicles, and we will drive them in our daily life someday.
The eighth Formula E season kicks off in Saudi Arabia on the last weekend of January and Envision Racing can be expected to showcase the capabilities of their new two-seater on the track.

Source: envision-group.com

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