About Randy

Randy Hill

Randy Hill is an untethered dreamer and successful entrepreneur, a true Texan, and a brilliant communicator whose life is grounded in traditional values.

Graduating from Abilene Christian University in 1990 with a degree in Journalism/ Communications, Randy had aspirations of working in television. However, he put those dreams on hold to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors.

In 1995, Randy started his first business, Advanced Trailer Sales and Leasing, which soon became one of the largest storage trailer rental and sales operations in the Southwest. During his tenure here, Randy was credited with inventing The Advanced Peanut Trailer, which is used to transport and dry peanuts. He received a US patent for the trailer in 2010 and now The Advanced Peanut Trailer is used in all 10 peanut-producing states in America. With over 4,000 trailers in service, over 80% of the nation’s annual peanut crop is transported and dried using The Advanced Peanut Trailer.

Randy’s entrepreneurial interests did not stop there. Randy was a pioneer in the wind energy ranching business. At one time, Randy owned more wind energy production than T Boone Pickens. In addition, he has produced multiple oil and gas, ranching, and commercial real estate deals.

Randy’s passion and vision for producing successful business deals is complimented by his desire to help the next generation. In 2010, Randy initiated the first Ipad program in a K-12 school in America by giving teachers Ipads at Dallas Christian Schools. This mobile learning initiative “unleashed a whole new experience for students,” according to teachers who participated in the program.

In 2011, Randy was appointed by Governor Rick Perry to the Texas Emerging Technology Fund Advisory Committee, which is a $400 million fund that creates jobs and attracts companies who work in the emerging technologies space to Texas.

A relentless entrepreneur who is willing to risk it all to achieve his dreams, Randy sold Advanced Trailer in 2011 to begin his biggest business venture to date -  starting his own NASCAR team with no previous experience and capturing the entire process on film with hopes of producing a television show.

With lots of bumps along the road and the finish line far from site, Randy revs up his engines to conquer this nearly impossible feat.  Will he crash and burn or have the victory ride of his life?

The father of three daughters, Randy has homes in Abilene and Fort Worth, where he lives with his wife, Janeé, president of mHe3 Productions. Both consummate communicators and entrepreneurs who love mentoring others, Randy and Janeé donate a portion of their time speaking to people of all ages about pursuing their passions.

Whether in business, sports, or daily life, one thing’s for sure with Randy Hill, it will be an adventure!